Lunch: Tuesday, March 24, 2009

photo1What a difference a plate makes.

Kitchen sink stir-fry looks hardly “leftover,” thanks to yet another triumphant makeover, this one cosmetic.

The best part? These 9″ plates (8-count, $1.50) weren’t only the most festive at Duane Reede today, but they were also the best value.  Chinette offered 9″ plates (16-count, $3.99) at at slightly higher price point, minus the flair. On a per-plate basis, the 100-count package of generic, super-flimsy plates was cheaper… but the fact that you need a stack of three to sustainably hold food sort of defeats the purpose.

COST: $1.50 package of plates

Want to see more? The great reveal is after the jump.

What’s that? Who’s there?


It’s a bunny!


Peek-a-boo! (note to self: lay off the Easter chocolate)



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