Breakfast: Friday, March 27, 2009

p-1600-1200-bf171e5d-58a8-4e42-8fa6-b8026842101a.jpegWhat is it about the sweet, doughy smell of the Penn Station LIRR corridor in the 7 o’clock hour that makes me helpless the coy, “come hither” beckon of the pastry cases? Today I succumbed to the chocolate croissant from a Hot & Crusty outpost (top).

Au Bon Pain, Hot & Crusty, Krispy Kreme … I’m sure there’s others I’ve yet to fully register. Ordinarily savory is my weakness — cheeses, French fries and such — and I wouldn’t give a muffin the time of day.

What is this place? Have I happened upon some parallel, inverted universe?

COST: $1.95, plus OJ from home.


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