Lunch: Friday, March 27, 2009

Pizza bust.

photo_1I never remember that I generally don’t like a Sicilian slice until I order one again and I’m disappointed — again. It’s like pizza on a breadstick; the sauce-and-topping-to-crust ratio is just all wrong.

[Pause.] I’m putting something together here: This bias against thick bread also explains why I’m generally anti-focaccia and pro-panini, anti-bagel and pro-toast — which isn’t to say that there aren’t worthwile exceptions to all of the above, including the Sicilian slice …

The Sicilian slice I had at Danny’s Pizzaria in Bushwick recently, one of those suddenly-famished-where’s-food moments, was amazing and cheap ($2.25), and it wasn’t just my state of mind.

… It’s not that the good ones aren’t out there. They’re just harder to come by.

COST: $4.25 for slice and pepperoni roll (brought salad & gratuitously-placed Dr. Pepper)


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