Dinner: Wednesday, April 1, 2009

photo4Reconstituted pepper turkey sandwich.

Not sure why, but this is about all I am hungry for tonight. Gave new life to the deli meat from half of a pepper turkey/pepper jack sandwich combo — one of my favorites — leftover from the other day, and built it up with a slice of toasted 7-grain with flax bread from Rudi’s Organic Bakery, Jarlsberg Swiss cheese, B&G hot jalapeno peppers (sliced) and Earthbound Farm’s organic heirloom lettuce leaves (7 oz, $4.99), which is my new favorite store-bought salad mix.

The chips are a little broken from being shuffled from work to purse to home, but at $.50 a bag, Wise’s light and crispy potato chips are still the best deal in the deli.

COST: >$5
PREP TIME: 5 minutes


Lunch: Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Veritable smorgasbord of Village awesomeness from Murray’s squared (unrelated).


Also known as “finishing off the good stuff” before S. leaves for Geneva.

Round one: Bagels and belly lox from Murray’s Bagels, toasted, smeared with scallion cream cheese, gigantic capers, sliced red onion and a healthy squeeze of lemon juice.

Round two: Domestic prosciutto (from Canada) leftover from Murray’s Cheese Store spree the other night and some organic heirloom lettuce leaves from Earthbound Farms — never had this mix before but it is just stunning.

Finished up with sharing a Murray’s Munchies “Ring Ding.” Yep, you guessed it, Murray’s spin on the Ding Dong, that classic treat from Hostess, the makers of the Twinkie. As a child I’d always preferred Little Debbie’s creme-filled chocolate cupcakes. I’m fairly certain it has something to do with the looped scroll of white frosting on the top.

For a detailed history of the strangely compelling saga of the Ring Ding versus the Ding Dong, read up here.

COST: complicated.
PREP TIME: 15 minutes

Breakfast: Wednesday, April 1

photoIs April over yet, already?

April is my least favorite month of the year, weather-wise, because:

— The weather is consistent in that it’s consistently gray and dreary, not winter-cold but cold enough that we’re stuck in our winter jackets,

— which, at this point, we’ve been wearing that same woolen winter coat for months now and we’re f—ing sick of it,

— and when we do get Spring feverish and think we can wear something lighter, we’re inevitably underdressed and cold.

Walking around on the streets of downtown Manhattan, sipping on an icy-cool Tom Collins from City Bakery’s outpost on First Avenue, Birdbath Bakery, just doesn’t have the same magical, thirst-quenching properties when it’s cloudy and 45 degrees.


Missed: Dinner, March 31, 2009

It was inevitable.

I missed a meal. Totally and completely, I forgot. No photos, no pondering of words, wasn’t even really sure where we ate exactly (was following the crowd to a friend of a friend’s birthday meal) until I looked at the takeout bag in my fridge this morning: Daisy Mae’s barbecue.

Well, it’s time to get back on the horse. …