Dinner: Friday, April 3, 2009

photo7Yakitori, Yakitori, Yakaiori!

For anyone that gets my kind of elusive reference to Dirty Rotten  Scoundrels … you’re good. I’m also referring to my fantastic meal at Yakatori Taisho on St. Marks Place last night. Really satisfied an itch I’ve been needing to scratch.

I took a lot of photos on the recommendation of my friend who runs a blog and takes a lot of food photos. He says it makes posts more “interactive.” So here we go:

For starters, Kimchi and soft tofu topped bonito flakes, ginger, scallion slivers and soy sauce (note instructional pose of chopsticks, all the better to eat you, my dear).

photo25Next up, sashimi tuna and avocado salad generously drizzled (is that an oxymoron?) with a creamy, mayonnaise-y white sauce. Perfectly cuts the acidity of the pickled kimchi and hyper salt (soy, bonito flakes) slash hot sensation of the soft tofu. Which would really be rather boring otherwise. (The tofu.)

In the background, really not bad cold sake for, on average, $15 a large carafe. We picked based on bottle pictures — Yakitori Taisho has a brilliant pictorial menu — and we decided on the pearly, opalescent one because it vaguely reminded us (me) of the blooming trees which were suddenly everywhere last night.

Don’t worry, I took pictures of the trees, too. And more food, including smelts, after the jump:


Here are the smelts, camera one, with the bacon-wrapped scallops and bacon-wrapped asparagus (even if it is en vogue to wrap everything bacon these days, it’s still delicious).


Next up, here they are, swimming in front of my face,  camera two (Wayne’s World reference).

How was it? Crunchy, sort of sardine-like. A little dry from the open flame grill. Required a swig of beer to properly wash down — I can see why people like them.

… And at the very bottom, here is photo61my picture of the trees. Finally! Spring is here!!


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