Sunday, April 5, 2009

Patio season is back! 

photo-3Sometimes Avenue C feels like a looong ways east, but Royale‘s monster burger, $3 Miller High Life beer specials (it is the champagne of beer) and a back patio that comfortably seats 50 is well worth the trek. 

photo8Now, back to that burger: Not the prettiest picture, I know. Where these guys found such a plump, ripe, red tomato this time of year I have no idea, but it was no toss-away slice. 

In fact nothing’s half-assed, from the size of the patty to the stature of the bun (which actually holds up the whole way through!), to the crunchy, crinkle-cut pickles, the Royale burger with bacon and cheese was a pleasure to consume. 

More patio and a close up of onion rings the way I like them — onion to batter ratio heavier on the onion side —after the jump: 



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