Dinner: Monday, April 6, 2009

“Making something … out of nothing at all (nothing at all).”

photo11What’s that, terrible Air Supply cover band in my mind? It’s fridge-cleaning night? And a successful one at that*. 

I think the key was to use the toaster oven set to “Broiled” in three stages**. 

pre step 3
between steps 2 and 3

After sufficient cooking, two Dr. Praeger’s broccoli pancakes — the Dr. makes some decent frozen goods — were placed on top of two slices of bread that had been smeared with scallion creme cheese to mask the dryness, add flavor and account for the missing fat in step three, which was to melt*** the last two slices of Jarlsberg reduced fat, deli thin, pre-sliced Swiss cheese****.

The last of my favorite lettuce mix, Earthbound Farm‘s heirloom lettuce leaves, as the ever-diligent side salad, the exceptional Novello olive oil just about to kick the bucket, as well. 

I guess it’s time I go grocery shopping … 

COST: Who the hell knows. In the $5 range.
PREP TIME: Surprisingly long, probably almost 30 minutes between figuring out a strategy and broiling in three phases.  

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Lunch: Monday, April 6, 2009

New obsession alert:











There’s a suppleness, a headiness, a rich, velvety je ne sais quais to Dean & Deluca‘s mushroom and barley soup ($6.75 lrg.) that completely caught me off guard; I think it might be love at first … bite?

Plus, every soup gets you a real, legitimate bread unit, not some dried-out cast-off, or yesterday’s loaf-ends. My soup today came with a thick-skinned sourdough breadstick, all the better with which to soak and savor the flavor.

I foresee more D&D foraging in my future. In the meantime, ogle away at some sweet treats on display today after the jump:

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Breakfast: Monday, April 6, 2009

photo9Starbucks raid.

After applying two Starbucks cards with remnant change toward my purchase of a 10 oz Mighty Mango Naked Juice – so cute, so serving-size appropriate – and a large Tazo Green Ginger tea I owed Starbucks $0.64.

In addition, I walked out with: Four honey packets, two Sugar in the Raw packets, not one, but two Tall paper cups, which I will use to make tea at the office for the remainder of the week. The serving-size appropriate juice container will also make another appearance at some point this week, denuded of its Naked Juice label.

I will not be reusing the tea bag – have to draw the line somewhere.

COST: $0.64