Lunch: Monday, April 6, 2009

New obsession alert:











There’s a suppleness, a headiness, a rich, velvety je ne sais quais to Dean & Deluca‘s mushroom and barley soup ($6.75 lrg.) that completely caught me off guard; I think it might be love at first … bite?

Plus, every soup gets you a real, legitimate bread unit, not some dried-out cast-off, or yesterday’s loaf-ends. My soup today came with a thick-skinned sourdough breadstick, all the better with which to soak and savor the flavor.

I foresee more D&D foraging in my future. In the meantime, ogle away at some sweet treats on display today after the jump:

photo33 I think the way that multicolored confetti dots fall so imperfectly on the folds of a cupcake’s frosting top is so disarmingly cute.

This little collection by Two Little Red Hens (a brood of Little Red Hen cupcakes …?) runs $5 and $2, full-size and mini, respectively.


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