Dinner: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

photo-4Thank you mama Sunja, for without your excellent, all-natural, medium spicy radish kimchee imported to New York City from Vermont (!!), I would still have no idea what the hell to eat for dinner. 

Your kimchee inspired my gringo bimimbap, which went something like this: 

Sautee chopped white onion in butter. Add leftover white rice until it gets all sizzling and beginning to brown. Add in Sanja’s radish kimchee — don’t forget to drizzle some liquid from the jar — and heat through. 

photo-31Transfer the hotness onto bed of salad greens in black ceramic bowl (about as good as I’m gonna do for a stone hot pot on such short notice). Let the heat from the rice mixture work on wilting the greens.

In the meantime … fry up a couple of eggs to your liking. Transfer into bowl, and gently toss. And voila, lazy bimimbap, which, if I’m not mistaken, is essentially a kitchen-sink, whatever’s-in-your-fridge-type recipe anyway, no? Maybe One Fork, One Spoon will confirm for me …

COST: $5.29 for kimchee
PREP TIME: 15 minutes 

Behind-the-scenes prep shot after the jump:  Continue reading “Dinner: Tuesday, April 7, 2009”


Lunch: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

photo12On a tip from a friend, I finally got around to checking out the sweet lunch specials at Aura

Now I say to you: Go!

And maybe go alone. Or else count yourself lucky if, as a party of two, you are seated immediately, and expect to wait if you total three or more. Their website lists the seating capacity as “approximately 22.” I’d agree.

Upon being seated, I immediately honed in on LS 1-7, the broth soup options, which are choose-your-own-adventure-esque: There are dozens of combinations of noodles, meats, broths and wontons possible. (Incidentally, Tom Yum Noodle Soup, LS 10, is lumped in with the rest of the entrees for unknown reasons — maybe for lack of substitution?) 

photo-22I opted for LS4 (broth with Cantonese noodles, roast pork and wontons), and it was excellent. But had I known for a second that the pork was going to be that generic, sliced kind tossed in with stir-fries, etc. — rather than some crispy pork or belly pork that I was imagining (dreaming) — I would have totally gone to the duck side (atrocious Star Wars reference).

Read this oldie but goodie review of LS7 — duck broth with noodles, roast duck and wontons — from Time Out NY and you’ll see why.

COST: >$10, after tax & tip
PREP TIME: They run a tight ship, and they will get you in and out in under an hour in no time — probably even if you have to wait a few minutes for a table.

Daily specials that are really special are always a good sign. Check out what was on Aura’s clapboard today after the jump: Continue reading “Lunch: Tuesday, April 7, 2009”

Bonus: $0.99 Draft Special

Recession special, the sign says it all.

And no, I don’t know which draft it is, and I can’t vouch for the caliber of patrons drinking at 2pm, I didn’t dare step inside … [ADDENDUM: Not in fear of what was inside, but in fear of not making it back out.]

508 Ninth Avenue, between W. 38th and W. 39th, New York, NY

Breakfast: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I’m a non-daily coffee drinker. I figure I should exercise constraint in my comsumption somewhere …

But I do get experimental with tea from time-to-time, like this impulse purchase, T.B. Limon by Orale! (8-count, $0.99!)

Who, or what, is Orale!? It’s packaged and distributed out of Miami, FL, has a cool mariachi mascot and tastes …

Well, lemon-y, but not fresh, like freshed-squeezed lemonade, more dry, hay-like. Like the remnant bits and leaves and grasses from the orchards, ground to mulch and packaged into teabags.

An acquired taste, or just low-down and dirty, Miami-style?

COST: $0.99
PREP TIME: Hot water, 3 minutes