Breakfast: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I’m a non-daily coffee drinker. I figure I should exercise constraint in my comsumption somewhere …

But I do get experimental with tea from time-to-time, like this impulse purchase, T.B. Limon by Orale! (8-count, $0.99!)

Who, or what, is Orale!? It’s packaged and distributed out of Miami, FL, has a cool mariachi mascot and tastes …

Well, lemon-y, but not fresh, like freshed-squeezed lemonade, more dry, hay-like. Like the remnant bits and leaves and grasses from the orchards, ground to mulch and packaged into teabags.

An acquired taste, or just low-down and dirty, Miami-style?

COST: $0.99
PREP TIME: Hot water, 3 minutes


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