Dinner: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

photo-4Thank you mama Sunja, for without your excellent, all-natural, medium spicy radish kimchee imported to New York City from Vermont (!!), I would still have no idea what the hell to eat for dinner. 

Your kimchee inspired my gringo bimimbap, which went something like this: 

Sautee chopped white onion in butter. Add leftover white rice until it gets all sizzling and beginning to brown. Add in Sanja’s radish kimchee — don’t forget to drizzle some liquid from the jar — and heat through. 

photo-31Transfer the hotness onto bed of salad greens in black ceramic bowl (about as good as I’m gonna do for a stone hot pot on such short notice). Let the heat from the rice mixture work on wilting the greens.

In the meantime … fry up a couple of eggs to your liking. Transfer into bowl, and gently toss. And voila, lazy bimimbap, which, if I’m not mistaken, is essentially a kitchen-sink, whatever’s-in-your-fridge-type recipe anyway, no? Maybe One Fork, One Spoon will confirm for me …

COST: $5.29 for kimchee
PREP TIME: 15 minutes 

Behind-the-scenes prep shot after the jump: 

photo-5Radish kimchee, leftover rice and sauteing onion on the stove.


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