Dinner: Wednesday, April 8, 2009

not saving for good

What happens when you strike gold?

You wake up, pull on your newly-invented Levi’s, grab your gold-mining pan, pop some Advil for the massive hangover you have from celebrating (and loosing) your find in the local saloon the night before, and head back to exactly the same spot in search of gold again. 

I know. This is what we learned in our California State history course in 4th grade.

… All of which is to justify why I’m back for round two of the gringo bibimbap deliciousness. This time, I’m giving it a little shake-shake of rice wine vinegar (which I’d forgotten how much I love), and half a bottle of Sav Blanc (for the cook).

Incidentally, the wine is a 2007 from Firestone Vineyard, in Santa Ynez Valley, bottled in Los Olivos, CA, two of three of which I’ve been to. The one I haven’t explicitly been to is the actual vineyard. Entirely unrelated, but even more worthy of your purchasing power, is nearby Firestone Walker’s microbrews. 

COST: The wine.
PREP TIME: 15 min. or less

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Lunch: Wednesday, April 8, 2009

photo34Oh yeah? Check out these cracked peppercorns.

Found myself in the neighborhood of Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop today around lunchtime, so I had to stop. Especially after seeing it on a DVR’d episode of No Reservations, the “Disappearing New York” episode, and the fact that I hadn’t been there totally killed my average.

Not in the mood to stare down a mountain of meat, so I took a nod from the menu which calls the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich an Eisenberg classic.*

approved use of iceberg lettuce
approved use of iceberg lettuce

Took rec. no. 2 from the manager, who said, “coleslaw, hands down,” when queried about which is better, the potato salad or coleslaw. Which brings me back to the peppercorns, because the coleslaw was pretty, well, coleslaw-y, which generally in my book needs a little doctoring up.

Reenactment: Shake, shake, shake. No pepper. Inspect shaker, confirmed pepper granules inside. Shaking more vigirously — no go. At which point I unscrewed the top and poured some samples into my palm to suspect and … ay caramba!

All of which is to say, Eisenberg’s doesn’t mess around. I restrained from ordering a Lime Rickey — I’m saving that for a day when it doesn’t feel like it’s about to snow. [Sigh.] Maybe someday soon …

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