Dinner: Thursday, April 9, 2009


If you’re holding the square block and can see the square hole, sometimes you just gotta put it in.

I had pizza on the brain, so when I discovered the curious-looking Fiorella oven-baked (frozen) pizzas imported from Italy during a meandering wander through Chelsea Market … done deal.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized the only labeling anywhere on the vacuum-sealed bag anywhere was the price tag, which certainly didn’t tell me how to cook it. No instructions inside, either. (The pizza was wrapped in plastic wrap — not exactly mass-manufactured.)

photo-24Neither does Prodal’s website — well it does, but in Italian and Celsius. I managed, pizza’s pretty hard to screw up. Other than the crust being so thin it’s sort of floppy when you cut it, if you try to cut it and eat it like a slice, not a bad gig. 

COST: $4.25 (cheap!)
PREP TIME: 10 minutes preheat, 7ish minutes baking. 425 degrees (ish)

Check out the pie in all its anonymous vacuum-sealed glory after the jump:

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Lunch: Thursday, April 9, 2009

gtg_wildsalmonSo pretty. So practical. So tasty.

I can’t think of a way to improve St. Dalfour’s “Gourmet on the Go” packaged foods line. For the purpose it serves, it’s perfect. Let’s look at why:

— For starters, the picture on the box actually looks like the food inside.
— High-quality ingredients, like wild salmon
photo28— Vacuum sealed, which means no preservatives, or freezing/thawing, necessary
— Can eat hot or cold without turning out from the can; it’s microwavable
— Comes packaged with petite (but sturdy) spork; salt and pepper packets; suggestions for pairings
— Easy-open lid
— Deliciousness inside

Did I mention it’s French? That explains a lot …

COST: Picked them up at closeout sale at Duane Reede for $2 ea.
PREP TIME: 1 min.

Breakfast: Thursday, April 9, 2009

photo15Whole lot of flavor going on in my “scallion beacon bun” from Fuji Bakery Store #4. The bun itself is light and a touch sweet, with bits of fatty, salty bacon and pungent scallions.

Next time I might go for the one with the red bean paste threaded throughout like a pinwheel (top right). I’m a sucker for some good red bean paste.

Did I mention they’re each only $0.80?

COST: $0.80
PREP TIME: 5 min walk