Lunch: Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh no you didn’t. Oh yes I did.

photo16photo210You know that thing where you’re out of your element and you didn’t really plan well, food-wise, so, like, you’re hungry at 10:30a, and eventually, at about 11:40a, you give in to a bag of Wise New York Deli Kettle Cooked potato chips (jalapeno flavor) and a short stick of Borden pepper jack cheese from the local 7-Eleven mini mart — justifying it’s kind of like cheese and crakers — and on your way back to the office you can’t help but stop by the irrestibly-charming, small-town bakery to pick up a couple of cookies for the office because you know you’re totally going to kill your appetite for the actual lunch you had planned anyway, which was sort of unimpressive to begin with, so why not go out in style?

Yeah. Well. I did that.

COST: $1.98 at 7-Eleven


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