Bonus: Pickle Prep

photo19New York is a funny city in the sense that you can get food, booze and just about anything else any time of day  (and probably even delivered). But something as simple as mason jars …. not so easy. 

I was supposed to make these pickles last weekend. Instead, I spend several hours last Sunday morning sourcing mason jars. None of the cookshops that were open on the Bowery had them. One gentleman pointed me in the direction of 209 Bowery, which sells every shape and size of glassware, but is only open during the highly-inconvenient hours of 7:30-4:30, Monday-Friday, or thereabouts. 

Ultimately I found mason jars ($2.50 for 32 oz., $3.50 for 64 oz.) at the confusingly-named Bowery Kitchen Supply in Chelsea Market (not so confusingly named). 

photo-15I also found about 100 things I never knew I needed until right that minute … such as these oversized mugs fused with real stone handles (one of which looks like a potato!), which I was all about until I saw the $80 price tag and gently, gingerly, returned to shelf.

One last note on the subject of mason jars then it’s onward with the pickles: In my Internet searches on the subject (Google: mason jars, New York), I discovered this ode of sorts to mason jars on  Serious Eats humorously titled “In Gear: Hacking Mason Jars.” It’s cute.

COST: 4 x $2.50 = $10
PREP TIME: Nearly a week in the making


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