Saturday, April 11, 2009

photo-25photo-16                                                                                                                            I am beginning to live for weekend posts because there’s less of them and, frankly, they’re just fun

The big (food) goal for today was to get prepped for tomorrow when I’m semi-spontaneously hosting soup and smeeps: Polish Easter Soup (an Easter tradition in my family) and Smeeps, a smores/peep hybrid a la toaster oven (that’s about to become a tradition. I can feel it.) One enormous, double-smoked kielbasa sausage from the Polish delicatessen above is boiling away for the soup base. 

photo20But before I hit up Whole Foods on Bowery — going there hungry is a terrible idea — I detoured for what turned out to be an unexpectedly amazing meal at Thailand Cafe: The ambiance cozy, the food well seasoned and the beer good and cheap. For $21 pp the group of us split several appetizers, two pitchers of Stella, and each had our own entree. Fantastic

(That’s my Kee Mao, early-to-mid progress, at left.)

I was also on the lookout for pickling goods, and found this stray, unnamed, unpriced basket of what looked to be Kirby cucumbers … but I wasn’t about to buy 18-20 cucumbers at Whole Foods (also known as “Whole Paycheck” in certain circles) without knowing for sure either that they were the ones I needed or the price photo-33per pound. So the pickle project remains in pickle prep mode. 

Overall, as Ice Cube says, “Today was a good day.” 

COST: Who the hell knows
PREP TIME: Basically the whole day, between planning, procrastinating and execution.