Dinner: Monday, April 13, 2009

photo36Gonna keep this short and sweet: Beer has nutritional value. 

This is not the time nor place to explain the nuances of such a fine philosophical point, but it does hold its weight in water (beer?). Happy Monday, y’all. 

COST: n/a
PREP TIME: Serious case of the Mondays. 

Oh, by the way, to get a glimpse of the delish little dish I whipped up just moments ago, food for thought while writing this post, check after the jump: 

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Lunch: Monday, April 13, 2009

photo35I’m conflicted, or maybe apathetic is a better word. But I’m getting ahead of myself — let me back it up…

Intrigued. That was the state-of-mind that led me to walk in the door at Chef Yu for a second time in a week (the first to grab a take-out menu). Its spacious and airy, cool and a dimly lit, the perfect counterpoint to the din of Eighth Avenue. Lunch specials are a bargain; they top out at $6.75. My take-out order of a small wonton soup and lemongrass chicken came out to $9.05. (Cheap!)

photo211Astonished. My food emerged lightening quick, three minutes, five minutes max. That was the first surprise. Back at my desk, I was surprised again by the number of items packed into my take-out bag. In addition to the entree and soup, Chef Yu sent me packing with a small salad, two mini egg rolls, vegetable fried rice, a fork and sauce packet and a sizable package of crispy chow-mein noodles that have virtually zero nutritional value and any purpose, as far as I can discern, except to be something I shove in my face at some point in the future when I’m starving and rummaging in my desk drawer for anything to eat.

Suspicious. Here’s when I began to get suspicious. Why so many distractions? I take a bite. Ah, here’s why. The food’s not bad, but it’s certainly not good. The salad is iceberg lettuce, the fried rice tastes heavily of soy sauce and I ended up picking through it to find the stray mung bean or edamame. The chicken is too chewy, the vegetables, meh, the sauce not unlike McDonald’s sweet and sour dipping sauce, which is to say a little too sweet.

Disappointed. Sort of. Well, not really. Maybe. Undecided, or apathetic. I suspect at some point I’ll forget all this and be drawn in again by Chef Yu’s promise of cheap and calm.

COST: $9.05

Breakfast: Monday, April 13, 2009

Rice cake “toast” experiment officially failed.

Not that it tastes bad, per se, just not satisfying in the way that biting into a piece of hot, heavy-with-condiment-of-your-choice toast can be.

And if the third time isn’t the charm, maybe it’s time to move on. Sigh.

COST: minimal
PREP TIME: 1 minute

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome to the peep show, or should I say, the S’meep Show. I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves: 

1.) The goods. 











   To make s’meeps — a s’more made with Peeps — we required graham cracker squares, Hershey’s chocolate bars and an assortment of brightly-colored Peeps with which to experiment. Which shapes melt the best? Do the different colors taste differently? Can a s’meep be too far gone (i.e. burnt marshmallow syndrome). These were all very important variables driving our research. 

2.) The first trial.











Kitchen area begins to smell like that top of creme brule — heat-fired carmelized sugar-topping deliciousness. We realize that the pink chick peeps expanded in the toaster oven after just 3-5 minutes. The chocolate is gooey and melty, t00.

3.) The control: Bunny Peeps. 











Which obviously were as successful as the classic yellow, or any of the colors, for that matter, of any of the bird peeps. … 

4.) The “Can You Resist This” factor: 


 If this doesn’t look absolutely scrumptious, then I blame the poor quality of my iPhone camera, because in actuality, I can’t think of one person who wouldn’t try (and love) this amazing love child of two classic, kitschy, brilliant bits of American food culture. 

COST: $n/a
PREP TIME: bedtime for this girl.

— The inspiration for this adventure came from this Serious Eats post: How to Make S’Meeps: S’mores plus Peeps.