Lunch: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

photo39OMFG. Now that is a taco.

The kind that you have to strategize about how to pick it up, and do so gently, keeping an eye on the filling-to-tortilla ratio which should hover around being stuffed to the point that it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the tortillas give way and … you have to eat your tacos with a fork. No one wants to do that.

Other signs of excellence: The tortillas — corn, two of them — are supple and fresh; the carnitas shredded and tender with edge-bits crispy and browned. Topped with shredded iceberg lettuce (acceptable usage of iceberg lettuce no. 2, since starting this blog. See no. 1 here), and simple diced mix of white onion, tomato and fresh cilantro. A squeeze of lime and … perfection.

photo310Did I mention that they’re cheap? Look for the man with this sign at the corner of 8th Avenue and W. 38th street. Follow the arrow to Las Poblanitas. Once inside, look up: If you see a couple of posters of Corona models on the beach, you’re there.

COST: $5.50
PREP TIME: worth every second of anticipation

PREVIOUSLY: Best. Lunch. Deal. Ever.

More food photos … after the jump: photo213 Close-up.


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