Bonus: Location of Twitter Wine Photo Revealed

Vaguely gratitious Twitter cross-promotion: 

photo-111I tweeted earlier that “A big day deserves a big glass of wine in this glorious afternoon sun!” along with this photo of a gorgeous tempranillo with the sunlight streaming through it

Here’s the answer key: Had southern-facing, afternoon sun exposure in the bottom of the East Village/top of LES. Really respectable beers and good wine for $4 and $5 a glass during happy hour. 

Answer: Simon Sips. Never been here before today, but I’ll be back. 


Simon Sips also requited the need I had for “real food” earlier today: I had a chorizo, dry Italian cheese (forget exact name, ending in -rigornio), roasted green peppers and spinach sandwich.

The wine, the food, the sunshine, my New York magazine: It all did me good. Although, I think honestly, the sitting in the sun part was the best. I’ve missed that. 

COST: $17
PREP TIME: As long as I could stay basking … I tried.


Dinner: Thursday, April 16, 2009

The appeal of a BLT is: crisp, sizzling, thick-cut bacon; ripe, juicy tomato slices (preferably fried in bacon grease), leafy greens with some structure, and a pair of sturdy slices of bread (your choice) shmeared with a legitimate doil of mayonnaise. I’ll let the pictures speak the rest of the words: 











photo44So I discovered the most incredible pepper bacon at Whole Foods — and it’s not any more expensive than any pound of bacon I’ve ever bought, at least not significantly. 

Dry-rubbed, peppered, all-natural, uncured, nothing artificial, (ingredients: pork, sea salt, raw sugar and spices), a family reciepie from Wellshire Farms out of New Jersey (!!). It makes it.

COST: >$5
PREP TIME: 2 days

Lunch: Wednesday, April 16, 2009

photo214Lunch strategy: Eat this now and find real food later.

This =s the best bits of leftover stir-fried vegetables, fried rice and paltry iceberg lettuce salad from mediocre meal at Chef Yu earlier this week. Plus a hard-boiled egg (not pictured). Sort of pathetic, but tastes surprisingly okay, which is to say mostly soy sauce-y with a hint of pineapple sweetness left from the sauce which I poured off. In small doses, it’s not so sticky sweet.

Will get me through till next real meal …

COST: salvage mission!
PREP TIME: 2 minutes in the micro, 1 minute arranging

Breakfast: Thursday, April 16, 2009

photo40“Heh heh, it’s called Stash.”

Is it too early for Beavis & Butt-Head references? Not a morning coffee drinker, but I get it. So on occasion I really need that caffeinated energy boost I turn to green tea. Works like a charm and has antioxidants? I’m on board.

COST: Stash is in the $4-$5/box price range
PREP TIME: Water in the microwave for three minutes.

Dinner: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So yeah, I got paid. So what does one do when finally paid? 










Go sake tasting! Actually, dinner began with a text with a casual reference to this blog project of mine and the realization that we were in the same neighborhood, with a like desire for sushi-style lightness. 

photo-71My brain went immediately to a scene I witnessed at some place in LES with 20+ people who I mostly didn’t know packed in tight like sardines doing sake bombs with the other 60 people who sat across from each other along a picnic table-style setup that ran the length of the very small room. Everyone was very drunk by the time I got there, and I said, yes, I want to come back! 

The only way I remembered where it was tonight was by sight, and by the recollection that Eldridge Street is sort of before, you know, true LES, and not so far from the movie theater. Low and behold, Satsko in the LES has Wednesday-only drink specials: 6 “shots” (about 2 oz. ea) of cold sake for $25, which included gyoza, shumai and otherwise generic bar snacks. So, I signed up …

COST: >$40