Dinner: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So yeah, I got paid. So what does one do when finally paid? 










Go sake tasting! Actually, dinner began with a text with a casual reference to this blog project of mine and the realization that we were in the same neighborhood, with a like desire for sushi-style lightness. 

photo-71My brain went immediately to a scene I witnessed at some place in LES with 20+ people who I mostly didn’t know packed in tight like sardines doing sake bombs with the other 60 people who sat across from each other along a picnic table-style setup that ran the length of the very small room. Everyone was very drunk by the time I got there, and I said, yes, I want to come back! 

The only way I remembered where it was tonight was by sight, and by the recollection that Eldridge Street is sort of before, you know, true LES, and not so far from the movie theater. Low and behold, Satsko in the LES has Wednesday-only drink specials: 6 “shots” (about 2 oz. ea) of cold sake for $25, which included gyoza, shumai and otherwise generic bar snacks. So, I signed up …

COST: >$40


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