Breakfast: Friday, April 17, 2009

Street crêpe a la NYC.

Sitting here minding my own business and suddenly, a vision of the crêpes I saw stacked up on a cake stand at Macaron Cafe the other day invaded my consciousness.

Done. The only thing left to be determined was: sugar, jam or Nutella? I opted for the tart-sweet raspberry jam sitting on the counter in a big bowl.

Scoop, slather, fold, bundle (pay) and I was back out on the street in five minutes.

Apparently I was hungry: I’d nearly devoured the crêpe in the time it took me to walk back. No street-side Parisian crêpe this one, but still such a delight.

COST: $2.75

EARLIER: Look at them there, all lined up. So, so pretty.


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