Dinner: Friday, April 17, 2009

photo-61For anyone unconvinced of the merits of either the iPhone’s two megapixel non-flash camera, or of Papaya Dog* in general (*vouching for this location only, more on that later) — let me prove you wrong.

Or at least, let me start you on the path to baby steps.

photo-112photo-37Rule no. 1: For starters, don’t eat Papaya Dog often, and skip the dogs and fries which *might* have been sitting out on display for a while.

Rule no. 2: Go for made to order. Chicken strips? “Hold on a moment, let me throw some in.” Jalepano poppers? “So delicious, right? You’re going to have to wait a moment, I don’t have any ready.” Fish sandwich, “Yes! Great call!” 

Rule no. 3: Eat. Now. It tastes way better than after microwaved at home, and infinitely better than when discovered in the fridge/next to the bed/ hours later (to the Nth), and you realize you’re still hungry. Better to just get full first.

Rule no. 4: Go forth and be merry. You’re adjacent to just about everything … so go forth, and conquer! 

COST: $2.50
PREP TIME: (for my not real dinner: 5 min)