Sunday: April 19, 2009

Monday is going to be here before you (I) know it, so let’s enjoy the last hurrah of this weekend. Via pictorial essay. Well, kindof:

photo-72This is where I brunched. Yes, I just used quotation marks and “brunch” as a verb.

I sat at that upper level that’s sortof in the back of this photo.

photo-81 This is what I ate. Mucho deliciousness. The potatoes don’t taste as scary as they look. It’s a red pepper/onion mix … which, while tasting okay, looks a little bloody on the plate. Trust me, I, too, was scared before they arrived.

photo49 This is where things started to go wrong. See the whole, “Closed on Sundays” thing? I was hoping to find whole allspice kernels (proper?) here, no go on a Sunday.

photo-92… And this is how I feel about my life. Excited, but disjointed between the old and the new. What happens if it really looks that ugly?

COST: n/a
PREP TIME: 27 years


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