Breakfast: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Really? Kozy Shack, the makers of excellent ready-made rice pudding, make a breakfast … um, cereal?

photo218I think I was as perplexed as I was excited about this product that doesn’t know what it wants to be. Because Kozy Shack’s “Ready Grains” is definitely not cereal. Too solidified. And it’s terrible cold (packaging reads “Enjoy hot or cold” so I had to try).

It’s better warm, like oatmeal, but really what it most resembles is a breakfast whole-grain pudding, which is fine by me: I think a plain version would be an improvement on the strawberry; the grains are sweet and milky enough without the preserves stirred in.

photo56Other morning score (all this at 7-Eleven, on E. 23rd Street near Park Avenue!!) was a bag of crispy cinnamon apple chips from Good Health. “Apple chips, you are so crispy and lightly sweet, it has been too long.” I’m working these back into the morning fruit rotation.

COST: >$5


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