Linner: Monday, April 20, 2009


photo312Yeah. Linner. It’s sort of what happens when you end up not eating lunch until after 4p, it becomes some weird twilight-lunch/early-dinner hybrid.

When I finally did get around to eating a proper meal, I went for something nice n’ easy: The Fire Rock burger from Quantum Leap, which involves a veggie pattie that is comfortable being made of vegetables and grains (no faux meat taste or texture required), on a whole wheat bun with smokey chipotle sauce, jalapeno slices and mock bacon (salt quotient).

All Quantum Leap’s burgers come with a legitimate side salad (good greens) and housemade carrot ginger dressing, and either fries or another vegetable option.

photo50As I sat there waiting for my take-out, I was reminded that Quantum Leap has to have one of the coziest ambiances in the East Village for just the sort of day it was yesterday: Orange-hued walls, indoor greenery, big windows looking out at the rain coming down, the yellow cabs and occassional brightly-colored umbrella or golashes dots of color in the gray blanketing the world outside. It almost made me take my meal to stay, instead.

COST: >$10
PREP TIME: few lost minutes


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