Dinner: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So I sort of knew how this would turn out tonight, but I was just being lazy. 


Roasting vegetables of different densities equals semi-mushy squash and roasted potatoes. Cooking bacon in the oven on a baking tray doesn’t make it as crispy as when pan-fried over a higher heat for less time (not in crispy bacon camp — like bits of crisp, though). Piling layers upon layers of soft, lightly oiled, small misshapen items a mess to eat doth make. 

photo-54That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, though. I would generally prefer to keep the “L” of BLT in tact, but I forgot to buy any on the way home and so decided to get resourceful. My favorite surprise about tonight’s BT+ sandwich was the small bits of roasted garlic.

Made me think of the amazing garlic white paste sauce, legendary in some circles, from Zankou Chicken in Los Angeles. … That white paste, spread on one slice of the bread, would make a BLT absolutely out of this world. 

COST: <$5
PREP TIME: +/- 1 hour


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