Dinner: Thursday, April 23, 2009

Every culture has some sort of hand-held food that comes bundled up in some kind of pastry or bread or rice-based wrap. And you can probably find just about every variation in one New York neighborhood or another. 

photo-39photo-211Which is how I came to eat a dinner of an Indian samosa filled with vegetables (left) and a Polish egg roll stuffed with pork (right).

photo60Now that the weather’s picking up and the light stays long, I’ve been walking home from work a couple of nights a week, scouting out restaurants, markets, wine shops, coffee shops and bars along the way (follow me on Twitter for updates en route, like this one).

photo-55Both Curry in a Hurry in the Flatiron (ish) and the G.I. Polish Delicatessen in the East Village — where I sourced my two-part dinner, respectively — ended up on my way home tonight. It was a nice coupling, indeed. 

COST: $1.25 (samosa), $2 (Polish egg roll)
PREP TIME: breezy 90 minute walk


Lunch: Thursday, April 23, 2009

l-1600-1200-961a34e5-1851-48d8-9486-20a62b38ffc2.jpegMy lunchtime Midtown wander that resulted in a sort of pricey carrot, beet, celery and ginger juice (weirdly all I have the stomach for) from Health King inspired this little ditty (call and response) and pictorial accompaniment:

Where does one go in search of health?
“The Health King, the Health King!”

Why does the Health King make one sing?
“‘Cause now we’ll live long days!”



COST: $6.99
PREP TIME: Just time to juice them veggies.

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