Lunch: Friday, April 24, 2009

Couldn’t have had a more perfect lunch today.

photo314Began with the weather. Every single person I talk to is freaking out (in a good way) about the temps this weekend. Plans for burgers and growlers, picnicking in the park, parties in Brooklyn and general outdoor revelry are flying through the air. It’s like the whole city is collectively waiting for the weather and for the weekend to strip down and out of the pants and jackets and  closed-toe shoes we’ve been wearing for almost six months now. Let’s get naked (comparatively speaking).

photo510The next bit of brilliance was my sushi take-out from Norimaki on W. 35th Street — don’t walk to fast you’ll walk right by it, there’s minimal bells and whistles to this place and the one sign they have, hanging inside the sole street-facing window, is perpetually obscured by the glare on the glass. The sushi isn’t world-class A-plus, but it’s superior to grocery store sushi, it’s freshly-made, it’s cheap and it tastes damn good. For $10.82 I walked out with 15 pieces of sushi and a nice little side salad, with tax.

photo220photo62The final bit though was the decision to wander in search of an outdoor plaza of sorts. (I haven’t worked in the area long enough to remember what it’s like when it’s warm out.) I intuitively headed for Penn Plaza (have no idea why …..) and was thrilled to realize the seating options set among the terraced plaza behind the Duane Reade at 8th Avenue and W. 34th Street: Nooks, benches, shade, sun, trees, grasses and other foliage, simply perfect.

I say: Summer, bring it on.

COST: $10.82
PREP TIME: In total took an hour lunch


Breakfast: Friday, April 24, 2009

Best of breakfast plans foiled!

Was going to go for classy eggs, but Dean & Deluca’s breakfast grill closes at 10a… On the other hand I could have purchased an overpriced, meatless Caesar salad at 10:45a.

Instead I’m opting for one of my standbys, the question being, which to choose?

COST: $2.50
PREP TIME: lost trip to D&D