Bonus: The Cheese That Might Kick My A**

photo-9Milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sure let’s throw butter in there for good measure, it’s true: I’m a dairy girl at heart.

And to qualify my cheese consumption, if I am a dairy girl, then I am a cheese fiend. I estimate I get at least a third or more of my calcium strictly from the sort of cheese that is sold by the pound ($8 -$28 per lb) and has an inordinately high saturated-fat-to-ounce-ratio. Doesn’t stop me (sorry, Mom). 

Back to the cheese at hand (anyone get the Snoop Dogg reference?), which is staring me down just outside the periphery of my field of vision of glasses, which means I can’t really see it too well at all. 

I’ve run into so few cheeses over the years that are personally complicated that if I even sample it before purchase, it’s really just to have a sneak-preview taste. (See the March 30 post on Murray’s, selecting the “strongest cheese in the case”.)

photo-7I am a sucker for cheese with an ashen layer in the middle, so today I picked up a quarter pound of a raw milk Morbier, the selling point being the little placard that reads: “Vegetable Ash separates the morning and afternoon milkings.” Quaint, right? No. Pungent and spicy and is only manageable in small doses  — to be able to enjoy it, I had to cut that small piece (top) into 4 or 5 bits.

So the question is not does this cheese knock my socks off? Yes, and I mostly don’t mind. More surprised. But what the hell am I going to actually do with a quarter-pound of it? 

COST: $3.50 of wonderment
PREP TIME: My cheese-consumption lifetime


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