Saturday: May 2, 2009

photo-111Eggs, eggs, eggs! 

I had the Scottish smoked salmon from Russ & Daughters; I had the onion; a friend had the bread, the creme fraiche and the ramps.

This friend might be more about ramps than he is eggs, his case being ramps — which are a leek/green onion-looking vegetable that tastes like a sprighty garlic and green onion — are purely seasonal, a signal of spring, and that they actually can’t be cultivated. 

I say: Yes, they are delicious. But are ramps worth the obsession? I don’t know. Back to the eggs. …

photo-121photo-13I’ve had this egg dish before of scrambled eggs, caramelized onions and lox many a time and it’s just such a nice balance of salty, creamy, just a touch of the onion, which is so mild and sweet at that point. Fantastic way to begin a Saturday (even if this post is a belated (sorry!).


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