Dinner: Monday, May 4, 2009

It’s been a wild ride today, one that is ending on a sweet note (thankfully). Hint: There’s a reason I’m logging this from my iPhone.

p-1600-1200-37eb9839-785a-4442-b1e1-21a47b730860.jpegp-1600-1200-4ad26bfa-5840-4847-bc9e-7805df4db4f4.jpegMy roommates offered to share some dinner with me, which was really kind. Or maybe the way I was watching the prep made them nervous, I’m not sure.

But thankfully they did, it being 9 o’clock and I still didn’t have a clue.

Out of their extras I made a brilliant little salad: queso fresco; green mango; a few bits of sliced jalapeño; avocado; flank steak that was tenderized then breaded then cut into strips; a legitimately spicy chutney-turned-sauce.

So good. So light. So small, and with plenty of room for dessert. Now it was my turn to treat: I kept it classy with a pair of cupcakes from Velseka and a cold glass of milk.

TIP: I’d you’re running low on salad dressing or any sort of sauce, add  a splash of olive oil and you’ll probably manage to get one more  serving out of it.


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