Lunch: Thursday, May 7, 2009

photo(2)I love a good deli sandwich, how it bulges all fat in the middle and never falls apart, even though the ratio of meat plus fillings to sliced bread seems like the whole thing would be a little more precarious.

Today I gave it my best attempt to make photo(4)my own: Bought Boar’s Head genoa salami and pepper jack cheese from the Associated Market deli last night, thin-sliced yellow onion, tomato slices, shredded lettuce blend (from a Midtown deli at lunch today), half an avocado smashed into one of the bread slices (my own interpretation), the other bread slice lightly smeared with mayonnaise.

It looses points for being a little messy — there were lettuce shreds falling out as I was eating — and I didn’t quite nail that whole thickness thing, but damn, was it tasty.

photo(3)Again, the key to taking lunch to the office: Some assembly required. I wrapped the cheese, salami and onion (not touching) in Saran Wrap at home; I sliced the tomato at work (can do wonders with those cheap little white plastic knives); and I put it all together here. No one likes cheese that’s gone white from the moisture of the tomato slices, or soggy bread for that matter. Take five minutes. Do it right.


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