Lunch: Friday, May 8, 2009

Breaking news: BLD Project is headed for London for the weekend!

I’m so psyched that I decided to get my Euro on early with a sandwich from that U.K. import, Pret a Manger, for lunch today. Never realized before that Pret sells its “NEW, I made it through auditions” sandwiches at a dollar or two cheaper, which means you can actually get out with a sandwich, like this cheddar apple, for less than $5.

For the next 72 hours I will be *attempting* to file remotely and Tweeting via iPhone apps — not even bringing a computer. In fact, I am tapping out this last stateside entry while on the LIRR/AirTrain to JFK.

Wish me luck and stay tuned. Next entry: airplane meal. How do I like them now?


Breakfast: Friday, May 8, 2009

p_1600_1200_E1164C63-E51F-4B68-91B0-A8896AA27D19.jpegThe upside to not drinking coffee regularly?

I get absolutely wired from something like Dunkin’ Donuts’ large Latte Lite. Yozwa, hellooo Friday.

Look, Dunkin’ does it’s own brand of tea. Who knew? I wonder if it’s any good? Packages look to be gold-edged foil-wrapped. Fancy or faux?

Dinner: Thursday, May 7, 2009

photo-10A (beer) sampler, a half a Buffalo chicken sandwich (which means it’s battered and smothered in hot sauce plus blue cheese or ranch dressing), most of a basket of fried pickles, good company — now that’s what I call a good Thursday night. 

I can’t really remember the last time I ordered a chicken sandwich, actually, but this one was good in terms of portion of fried breast and quality of bread. I really liked the bread — two nice, thick slices cut from fresh, cibatta-style roll in the back. Could have used at least a token leaf of lettuce or tomato/red onion slices, but then again, I did have an excess of pickles, which, yes, I did slice into thinner bits and layer in between the chicken and the bottom bun. 

photo-8I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Cali or what, but I need something extra to a sandwich besides bread and protein. Pickles sufficed. 

Best thing the Village Tavern has going for it? Wide open airy seating and a outstanding list of craft beers, which they rotate out as the kegs kick. They have Green Flash IPA here from Vista, Ca., literally minutes from where I grew up. 

Go ahead, I dare you: Just try to pick two beers in a row that they have listed but don’t actually have to pour, because the keg kicked. I did.