Lunch: Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I wasn’t going to eat at Speedy Deli today, not at $8.95/lb.

photoBut then I saw the sunflower sprouts. I’m a sucker for some good sprouts. And then I watched a of roasted chicken emerge from the kitchen; it smelled so damn good. (It’s still no guarantee, but observing hot food come out from the kitchen is about as fresh and choice a pick as you’ll ever get.)

So I decided, eff-it, let’s go: Make a spectacular meal that fits into a small clamshell and weights well under a pound.

Here is a step-by-step guide to my 0.69 lb ($6.18) mini masterpiece:

Started with greens. Layered fresh loose-leaf spinach and sunflower sprouts.

photo(2)Picked your chicken. Had to be fairly substantial as it’s the crux of the meal.

At this point I realized I had the beginnings of some kind of chicken-topped salad going on, so I looked around for another salad that might give it some good flavor, and settled on this great Greek salad mix.

photo(3)Careful here: The pieces of this Greek salad are all huge, well beyond bite size, which is the size of pieces these sort of salads should top out at (in my opinion). I picked through and selected some olives, a couple of chunks of cheese (which can be crumbled desk-side), some red onion, smaller cucumber sections.

I added a few jalapenos; this is becoming a Greek chicken salad with some heat.

photo(4)The last thing I saw were the homemade herb-crusted crositini and pesto. Drool. I went heavy on the pesto on a pair of crositini and called it done.

It was all a brilliant plan, then the crositini slid around a bit in my transport home, loosing about half their pesto topping into the rest of the salad … which made it even better.

The pineapple lemonade didn’t hurt, either.

TIP: Pesto is a brilliant flavoring tool in lieu of dressing; I think next time I’ll do that again on purpose.


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