Lunch: Thursday, May 14, 2009

photoFrom the street it was the large triangular slices of cake in the window of the Ying Du Restaurant & Bakery that caught my eye, all stacked up like that. Inside, studying the various pastries behind the glass, I overheard:

“When I’ve just got change in my pocket, I come here for one of these. Oohhh-ee, boy, one will fill you up.”

I’m sure my situation is a little different, but being that I’m in the middle of moving, that payday isn’t until tomorrow, that I’m sort of late for lunch but way too early for dinner (really, timing really is everything) — I decided to take their challenge.

photo(4)photo(3)My contender: an egg-custard filled pastry ($0.70), a whitest-of-white-bread, mildly sweet, oblong roll with a sugary, crusted topping. Perfect with a strong, black tea, I thought, and I had just the one in my desk drawer. Better yet, why not make an Asian-style milky tea with my Twinning’s Irish Breakfast! Now I was on to something. I photo(2)detoured by a deli for a half-pint of nonfat milk at my local deli (look at those cartons there, like little soldiers, all lined up).

The verdict: Mildly sweet, yeasty, milky, cut by the mild bitterness of the tea. Yum. Nice tip, guys.


Breakfast: Thursday, May 14, 2009

photoLunch for breakfast. My food world is all topsy-turvy, which is not an entirely inaccurate metaphor for the larger picture right now.

Hey, I have no problem with it. If I had to choose, I think lunch would beat out breakfast 7 out of 10 times. Maybe even, like, 7.5 out of 10 times. And almost 100% of those 2.5 times that breakfast wins, it’s gonna be eggs.

St. Dalfour Gourmet on the Go couscous, sliced tomato and hard boiled egg. Couscous could be a breakfast grain, now that I’m eating it. Not entirely different from the texture of grits. There’s some potential here, I think …

Dinner: Wednesday, May 13, 2009

photo-10Let’s call it as it is: The middle-of-moving dash into the corner store for refreshments and … apparently, chocolate-covered coconut candy bars. Of the British persuasion.

Hmm, that wouldn’t have anything to do with my recent trip to London, would it? No nostalgia/evocation of fond memories/ are involved at all in that purchasing decision at all.ย 

I threw in a chocolate chip Cliff Bar at the end for good measure, which didn’t make it into the shot. And no, this isn’t all for me. Cherrio.