Breakfast: The $6 Breakfast Sandwich (Yes, Really)

This is not the first time I’ve attempted to get these eggs.

photo(2)If anyone follows me on Twitter, I tweeted not to long ago about the anomaly of Dean & Deluca’s breakfast grill, which closes at 10 a.m. for no apparent reason. It’s not like they have more lunch prep than the thousands of other delis and diners the city that don’t stop serving breakfast until 11 a.m.

My curiosity finally got the best of me today (which also happens to be payday, and a Friday, all the more reason to splurge on breakfast). First of all, there’s no posted menu, which drives a compulsive menu reader like me a little crazy. What do they serve? How expensive is it? And … is it worth it?

What’s on the menu. At the grill I was offered either a breakfast burrito or a egg and croissant sandwich. A whole grill and only two choices? (I also saw a hot oatmeal bar.) They were out of bacon, and as I’m not generally a fan of breakfast sausage in patty form, I opted for a croissant sandwich with eggs, cheese and grilled onions (by special request).

Here’s where I experience sticker shock: At the cash register, the clerk rings me up … $6 for a breakfast sandwich. $6.50 with tax. “Hold on,” I say, “I didn’t add any meat.” And the clerk proceeds to explain that D&D’s breakfast sandwiches are one-price-fits-all, unless I ordered double meat, then I would be charged extra.

photo(4)Whaa … you’ve got to be kidding me. A $6 cheese and egg breakfast sandwich on a croissant? Still. “In that case, can you throw on the sausage,” I asked. This thing had better be premium because the guys around the corner can do two eggs, cheese on a croissant for $2.50, add a buck for bacon. I was having more than a passing flashback to Carl’s Jr. “$6 burger” ad campaign a few years ago.

Is it worth it? So it’s on a damn good croissant that plain I’d happily pay $2 – $2.50 for. Buttery, flaky, soft and pliable, it was a damn good croissant. Eggs too were good, sausage, just what I expected out of a breakfast patty. It’s a good sandwich, but it’s not worth $6.

photo(3)And I find it a little unbelievable that D&D’s doesn’t start with a base sandwich of eggs, cheese and croissant for, say, $4.50 or $5 and charge extra for the meat. I might be back for the $4.50 price. At $6, next time I’m back, I’m sticking with D&D’s exotic fresh juice blends, which have a price point to rival Naked Juice, or the baked goods, which are sourced from some of the best independent kitchens around the photocity — will you check out that bacon cheddar scone from Bouchon Bakery! — and all have prices that are clearly marked.


Dinner: Thursday, May 14, 2009

photo-12I did it! I successfully moved, I ate, I am blogging, I have pretty damn near conquered.

Pictured: melty pepper jack cheese over genoa salami on top of a thick slice of white onion, which is on top of a hearty, nut-grain bread that’s been slathered in a spicy brown mustard. In the background, flax seed tortilla chips from Whole Foods, which aren’t as good as the ones from Trader Joe’s, if you were wondering.ย 

And now, I rest.