Saturday: Let’s Check Out the New ‘Hood Post

photo-4I am a sucker for dining outdoors when the weather is mediocre or better. Which in New York is May through October (plus/minus), with exceptions for undesirables, such as thunderstorms and … well, you never know what sort of undesirables the city is going to offer up. Let’s leave it at that. 

The rest of the time, I seek out restaurants such as the Barking Dog Lunchonette on 77th and York in the UES, because no matter how mediocre the food is, the setting makes it: Always-available outdoor tables; lots of dogs to oggle; and whether you’ve just come off a Park run or stumbled out of bed, it’s good fun.

photo-5photo-6Anyhow, I ordered “Spinach-potato-dill pancakes with poached eggs, salmon caviar, and crème fraîche” ($9 and change), thinking I ordered fancy potato pancakes plus novel condiments. (I love novel condiments.)

Instead, I got actual pancakes baked with spinach and herbs, topped with the poached eggs … My first thought was: Weird. What did I get myself into? The subsequent thoughts were about process and novelty factor: So does this mean we break the yolk for our “syrup” and, alternatively, whoa, so an actual savory version of the pancake actually exists, just like the French crepe?

It doesn’t work, not exactly, quite yet. I say, keep trying …


Missed: Friday Dinner (Double Whammy…)

No excuses for this one, and no pics either. But at some point fairly early in the evening — could have been as early as the open bar at East Village Tavern, maybe? — I knew fairly certainly that a Friday night dinner post would not transpire on time.

The question is: At what point do I preempt myself? At what point on a Friday night do I throw up a something, anything saying “I know I’m going to miss my Friday night post”? Anyhow, food for thought. Bah dum-bum.

Missed: the How-To Make a Leftover Salad Better Post (Friday Lunch)

I just couldn’t get to it yesterday, was too busy. But still really worthwhile content, so here it is: 

Say someone, let’s call this “someone” a “coworker,” offers up a take-out container of spicy Thai chicken salad, which is sort of along the lines of what you’re in the mood to eat, anyhow. 

photo-1photo-2It’s not beautiful, but it’s not wilted. Kind of smells good (spicy). And you just spent $6 on breakfast. Do you take it? Yes. Do you eat it right then and there out of that container? No! Rule no. 1 about leftover salads is you don’t eat them beyond a few hours of original prep. Rule no. 2 is, make it better. 

photoHow? By adding in fresh greens and maybe a little extra protein, to start. Also pick out any unsavory parts, such as soggy wonton noodles, or bits of lettuce that are starting to turn already. 

Combine in a fresh container (KEY), and shake. Don’t worry about the dressing; salads are perpetually overly-doused with dressing, so there will be enough on the original salad to gently flavor the additions.