Sunday: The Damn I Know How To Make Excellent Eggs (Thanks, Dad) Post

photo-3The only reason I know how to make really good eggs is because of my father, who still makes the best eggs I’ve ever had on this planet.

My own eggs are different, naturally; my own personal adaptation. Today’s variation are a perfect example of when I made a gorgeous something out of virtually nothing. All I had was salami, eggs, fresh aurugula, pepper jack cheese and the end of a yellow onion. The winning strategy was in the process: 

First, I sauteed the onion slices. Once they were sweating a bit, I threw in the sliced genoa salami, so the fat could melt and everything could crisp up.

photo-1photo-2Once the goods in the pan were smoking hot (literally), I threw it all on top of a ready and waiting bed of aurugula, that spicy, bitter leafy green of which I just can’t get enough (just can’t get enough). 

photo-4So while that transfered heat wilted the greens, I cracked two eggs into the same pan; I also added two slices of pepper jack cheese to the greens/onion/salami mix and microwaved it for 20 seconds.

Basically, when the eggs were done, I slid them on top of a gorgeous plate of greens, sprouts, onions, salami, cheese … and it was all super melty and delicious. Which the heat from the cooked eggs only amplified.


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