Lunch: Pad See Ew, I Hardly Knew You

You were just so good / And I was just so hungry / There was no courtship / Just devouring / You feel so good in my belly.

So I got incredibly tied up at work today and finally ordered one of Aura Thai‘s lunch specials just in the nick of time — five minutes until 3p, when the specials end.

I’d brought enough arugula and sprouts to make a small side salad to go with whatever I ordered today, and so I did one of my favorite things, which may cause Thai food purists to wretch, but I sort of love: I mixed the greens in, let them get all saucy and wilty, too. (Really, who doesn’t want to get saucy and wilty?)

The bitterness of the greens/sprouts actually worked nicely with the sweet soy bean sauce. As always, there’s plenty of sauce to go around.

EARLIER: Broth with noodles, roast pork and wontons at Aura Thai (Lunch, April 7, 2009)


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