Dinner: You Know What They Say, Have Good Sausage, Will Travel

photo-9So it’s no Murray’s Real Salami or Salumeria Rosi, but this Rosé Salami, Recipe No. 7, by Giovanni Volpé & Co. out of St. Louis, Mo., is tasty enough and definitely fatty enough to:

Dice and pan-fry; then pour in a can of preheated Bush’s baked beans (top, for some reason I had a can of the Boston Recipe version on hand); let it all sizzle and spatter until thoroughly heated; spike with a bit of heat extra heat(optional; I went for some of Melinda’s XXXtra Hot Sauce out of Costa Rica); plate up; garnish with a couple of slices of tomato that are delicious, but will be more perfectly ripe tomorrow; and call it an easy dinner at home. 

photo-10photo-8Much tastier than I initially thought it would be, as I cobbled my meal together out of “whatever’s in the house.” Lucky for you!


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