Breakfast: On Dots and Stones

photo(2)Before blowing the last of my pence and pounds on the most expensive payphone phone call I’ve ever made at Heathrow Airport the other weekend, en route home, I picked up a few new foods from the airport Boots, nearly the last of which I ate for breakfast just now.

The U.K. has this ratings system on snack foods that color codes calories, fat, saturates, salt and sugars on a “green” (go for it), “yellow” (enjoy most of the time) or “red” (indulge now and again) scale, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this nuts & seeds cereal bar received a red label. … that is, until I flipped it over. It’s completely coated in chocolate!

photo(3)All of the sudden the voiceover from Gillian McKeith’s show on BBC America, “You Are What You Eat,” popped into my head, something about weighing five stone, which doesn’t mean much — I only know what a “stone” weighs in pounds in the vaguest sense and have absolutely no idea how many stones I weigh.

I think the important thing to take away from the voice that popped into my head is how the voice says the word “stone.” It’s all stretched out and low, like, stoooone. Check out the show, it’ll make you feel terrible about what you eat but great about how you look.


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