Lunch: This Is How Good It Gets When I Work From Home

photo-11Let’s talk about this fresh mozzarella for a moment. I stopped by my new neighborhood cheese counter (which is amazing) and the guy stocking the cheese asked me if he could help me find anything. I said I was looking for fresh mozzarella, and he pointed to where they sat, all bundled up.

Then he said, “We’re making it right now.” Wait what?!! Making cheese? Right now? So I cruise over to where I can see behind the counter. I see: A large, rectangular block of mozzarella cheese, a guy with his (gloved) hands submerged in a huge bowl of milky water, and a cutting board with Saran Wrap / cheese balls in progress of being bundled. It took me another moment, but then I realized that he wasn’t really “making” as much as “packaging.” Personally I don’t have anything against the fresh mozzarella in the rectangular form. 

photo-13Picked up some basil (oddly, with roots on — for what purpose? To document freshness?), and made up this delish little salad at home. So pretty, so tasty. Now, if only I can work on that whole “working from home” thing. This could be every day.


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