Dinner: Gringo Rotisserie Chicken Torta Goodness

Just look at this chicken. Gorgeous. When I spotted the words “rotisserie chicken” stacked like that in white caps on the side of an awning from down the block — and the store turns out to be a poultry shop — well, there’s no way I’m missing out on that.

photo-12photo-11                                 I brought home a hefty half rotisserie chicken ($7.10) the other day, and tonight I finally got around to finishing it off in a Mexican-style sandwich, or torta. Or let’s call it my interpretation thereof: 

photo-10I tossed the chicken in a combination of Drew’s Organic Salsa — heat level medium; bought it on sale, not super memorable — and Melinda’s Original Habanero XXXtra Hot Sauce — this Costa Rican import includes such other flavor-enhancing ingredients as onion, lime juice, vinegar, garlic and salt, not just butane to shock your tastebuds. It’s really good.

Then, I laid out the sauced meat on top of a row of white onion slices, laid a couple of slices of pepper jack cheese on top of the chicken and on top of the peppers, and broiled both halves in the toaster oven until the cheese was molten.

photo-8Voila, gringo torta.

I got curious about how my torta compared to others. A Google image search reveals I’m not entirely off the mark: Like a majority of good tortas, I had meat that was sauced or juicy enough to soak into the crusty white roll; I had the crusty white roll; I had cheese, sliced onion, alas no shredded iceberg lettuce.

Next time I’m throwing in some of those pickled carrots or jalapeno peppers —and a couple of cervezas — that’d do the trick.


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