Lunch: Green-Eyed Pasta Salad (An Original Recipe)

Green-Eyed Pasta Salad

Brussels sprouts, English peas, fresh basil, Sicilian green olives and baby lettuce mix might not be the most usual bedfellows, but staring at all the green things in my fridge last night inspired me to give it a go. I added in the end of a summer sausage, which I chopped into long strips and sauteed until crispy before mixing in, and tossed it all in lemon juice and a really vibrant E.V.O.O.*

The result: A really robust, savory pasta salad. The bitterness of the Brussels sprouts play off the richness of the sausage (not unlike that famous combination, Brussels sprouts and crumbled bacon), while the lemon-y hint lurking in the oil dressing helps balance out the richness.

At lunch today, among the greenery at Penn Plaza
At lunch today, among the greenery at Penn Plaza

 Basil brings a vibrant, herbal freshness to each bite, and the Sicilian olives give a little salty punch. The one thing I might have swapped in (had I had them on hand) would be caper berries for the green olives. I chopped the olives so they’re a smallish, caper-ish size, yeah I think capers would have been just right (and more “green eyes”).

I’ll try my hand at writing up the recipe properly tonight once I’m home — will post soon. This should be interesting.

*I didn’t mix in lettuce greens until lunchtime today, just before eating.


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