Sunday: Other Than the 2 Tbls. of Butter …

photo-27Other than the 2 Tbls. of butter that I used over the course of cooking, well, this scramble is pretty damn healthy. Which isn’t to say it couldn’t be improved with cheese. And which also isn’t to say that it surpasses in quality the lox and eggs I had the other weekend. 

Nonetheless, a protein-rich and delicious start to a beautiful Sunday. I had a couple of things going on at once: I quick-poached a salmon fillet (Whole Foods does a good all-purpose, Wild King Salmon 2-pack) while I sautéed all these fresh veggies (zucchini, red bell pepper, tomato). 

photo-28photo-29                                          I pulled out the salmon before it was entirely done, deskinned, and added to the vegetables. The last step was to add the eggs, which I just cracked on top of everything. For a brief moment, I entertained the idea of keeping the yolks in tact … that is, until I broke one. At which point I went for glory and mixed everything as well as possible. And then ate it all.



Saturday: The “This Is Why Summer Is My Favorite” Post

Reason no. 1 of what is going to be a fairly long, running list: impromptu barbecues! 

photo-26After about an hour browsing the (amazing) cookbook section at the (also amazing) Strand bookstore, I was really hungry. I called a friend, who, as it turned out, was hungry too and happened to be at our friend’s apartment in Brooklyn that has a backyard BBQ area (this is where we barbecued last weekend, too). 

A short 10-minute subway ride later, we all rendez-voused at Sunac Natural Foods,  just off the Lorimer stop on the L Train if you take the exit where you pop up by Union Street. We picked up some curry chicken salad, potato salad, a package of hot sausages, requisite buns, and two of the most perfect avocados I’ve ever purchased in my life. Really, they were absolutely perfect: Soft and ripe without being bruised, mid-to-large sized, smooth like butter. Just beautiful. I would pay $1.99 for an avocado every single time and have no qualms about it if avocados were always like these ones. 

The rest, as they say, is history. Since I’ve been raving about the avocados, which were turned into my picnic table (play on tableside) guacamole, here’s the recipe:

photo-25Picnic Table Guacamole 

1 ripe avocado
2 Tbls. salsa
1/2 lemon
garlic powder
salt and pepper

Scoop out avocado into a bowl; add two spoonfuls (or more, to taste) of salsa. Squeeze juice from half lemon; add healthy shakes of garlic powder, salt and pepper. (estimate 1/2 teaspoon?) Mash, mash, mash, with a fork. Eat. Savor.