Dinner: My Kitchen Can Smell Like This Any Night

photo-31Lemon juice, E.V.O.O., white wine, a pair of bay leaves, all simmering away on my stove earlier tonight smelled so good that I wanted to pick up the pot and slurp it. (Exercised restraint, sampled just a couple of spoonfuls.)

This basic stock was loosely inspired by this Tyler Florence recipe from the Food Network, which I picked for the excuse to cook with / aka purchase / a bottle of Elsa Bianchi Torrontes (2008), a recent favorite discovery. And of course eat delicious artichokes. I deviated where I didn’t have the necessary ingredients on hand, i.e. fresh parsley and garlic cloves — desperately need to go grocery shopping. 

photo-32As a dipping sauce, I made a fancy faux aioli: organic mayonnaise, lemon juice, splash of white wine, pinch of salt, all whipped with a fork until the texture evened out.

It was pretty decadent: Sitting at home, peeling off leaves, sipping wine and scooping sauce, I was perfectly content to just be. (And maybe lick my fingers a little bit.)


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