Breakfast: It’s Hip To Be Square (aka the “Eat-These-Doughnuts” Post)

photo(2)If the display of Doughnut Plant doughnuts at Dean & Deluca in the New York Times building were personal ads, then I’ve been checking out the listings for a very long time.

Which to choose? Do I have to commit to just one? Today I took the plunge and committed to raspberry jam-filled, vanilla-bean glazed yeast doughnut ($3). It was the shape that ultimately got me; I love a good square joke.

photoDoughnut Plant comes with a pretty-hyped reputation for quality ingredients, unusual flavors and for generally making damn good doughnuts — hence the indecision — and I’m happy to report that I concur.

The doughnut is soft and fluffy, a little sticky (in a good way) thanks to the glaze, and, unlike the bright-reddish goo injected into doughnuts nationwide, the thread inside my charming, square friend was identifiably jam, raspberry at that, the sweet/tart factor of which elevated the whole experience. No superficial, sugar fix this; no, this was really getting to know your doughnut.

photo(3)TIP: Doughnut Plant’s home-base is at 379 Grand Street, in the Lower East Side, but there are a number of shops in Midtown that ship them in daily. Go!


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