Lunch: The Discovery of a Lunchour Oasis (the “This Is Not My Building” Post)

Check out this serene little inside oasis I discovered today! (Yeah, much more exciting than the soup, which was picked up at Pax, about 3:30p, so late that lunch was almost an afterthought.)

photo(2)photoIt’s serene in the hustle and bustle way: The revolving door almost never stops spinning, conversations approach and pass; the elevator bank continuously dings to some unknown beat.

It’s not my office building, but as the Pax Foods has a door to the interior, I chose to believe the indoor seating is open to anyone. It’s a public lobby, yes? So much more pleasant to watch the car traffic and the people traffic ebb and flow on Eigth Avenue from a cool, shady, art-adorned lobby removed by thick panes of glass.

And if rain’s threatning, like today, well … I’m sure I won’t be the only one to consider this retreat a good idea. But that doesn’t make it any less good.


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