Breakfast/Lunch: Oh, Glorious Leftovers! (aka the “not brunch” post)

photo-34Too late for breakfast, too early for lunch, I just don’t have the heart to call the chicken and coleslaw leftovers from the feast at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que that I plowed through in about five minutes flat at 11:30 this morning “brunch.” 

First of all, brunch is such a civilized affair — yes, even the boozy ones, at least initially. Friends, families, others, set dates, pick restaurants, come together to indulge in the weekend’s leisurely pace, talk, laugh, otherwise socialize, simply enjoy a good meal and good company. 

Secondly, isn’t brunch a weekend thing? I mean, if Friday was one of my “days off” (it’s not) I might consider calling a late morning/early afternoon brunch. “Might” being the operative word there. 

Let’s call it a truce, shake hands and move onto what has the potential to be a very interesting dinner …


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One thought on “Breakfast/Lunch: Oh, Glorious Leftovers! (aka the “not brunch” post)

  1. This is unrelated to leftovers: A student at the Maine College of Art has a postcard project on display in the gallery right now. He wrote the school every day with a rundown of what he ate for, you guessed it, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sympaticos!

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