Saturday: Tacos at Red Hook (The “Yes, They Are That Good” Post)

Making it down to the Red Hook soccer fields to check out the food vendors that set up adjacent the soccer fields each weekend has been on my “to-do in New York” list for way too long.



So I’m happy to report that I finally made it! There were about a dozen vendors set up on Saturday, selling everything from tacos and agua frescas to pupusas and cerviche. 

photoThis was just an exploratory adventure — plus, it’s pretty impossible to do a serious tour of all the vendors in a single day — so we started with the basics: A variety of tacos from one of the simplest looking trucks in the row (top left), and a couple of agua frescas and a horchata, the milky, sweet, rice-based drink, from a fruit and juice truck, that was irresistibly colorful (top right). 

photo(4)The tacos were beautiful: Chicken, goat and steak, folded into large corn tortillas, each topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and your choice of a half-dozen homemade salsas that stood in buckets on a table adjacent to the truck. 

Tacos are a deceptively simple food: Easy to make but nearly impossible to make in the traditional, home-style way these tacos epitomize; these tacos taste as if they’ve been made by the hands of cooks who have made hundreds, thousands of tacos in their lifetime, which is just right, in an immeasurable way.


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